Institute Alternative
Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona 57, I/20
81 000 Podgorica

Tel/fax: +382 20 268 686

Institute Alternative is independent, non-partisan and non-profit Research Centre licensed by the Ministry of the Science for scientific activity in the field of social science.

IA focuses on the analysis of public policy in five main program strands:

  • public administration,
  • accountable public finance,
  • parliamentary programme,
  • security and defense and
  • social policy.

Our work in these areas consists of pointing out to the key problems, opening the questions of the public interest, monitoring the implementation of reforms and providing specific recommendations for solutions of aforementioned problems. By recommending solutions, we are influencing decision makers in order to improve polices of great importance for the life of citizens of Montenegro. We are keeping track of all important processes in the society while fighting for changes which will ensure better, more responsible, more transparent work of state authorities who will work in the interest of their citizens.