Monitoring Report: Recruitment and Promotion In State Authorities In 2014

Two years into its implementation, the contribution of the Law on Civil Servants and State Employees towards establishing a merit-based employment system in state administration has been limited due to inconsistent application of new rules and poor competition for vacancies. The fact that very few candidates successfully pass the mandatory testing procedures for any given job position, on the one

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Reaction: Senior Managers Are Not Ministers’ “Personal Entourage”

Recent re-appointments of Director Generals and Secretaries from one Ministry to another, which followed the latest government reconstruction, pose a great danger to the professionalization of the Montenegrin civil service system. Appointments of new government ministers and reappointment of the old ones were followed by turn-overs on the positions of Director Generals and Secretaries in the Ministries. This once again

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Recruitment and promotion in State administration: Merits hardly achievable

The effect of the Law on Civil servants and State employees to establishing the merit based system in the state administration are limited due to inconsistent application of new regulations and weak competition during the recruitment, as assessed today at the press conference organized by Institute Alternative (IA). The press conference was organized withing the project “State Administration in Montenegro

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Discretion without explanation: The appeal to establish guidelines for heads of authorities’ decisions

The number of the complaints filed by the candidates for employment in state organs who did not get the job has increased which imposes the need to stipulate in details the discretion of the elders when deciding. Twenty six candidates, of at least 130 who have filed complaints against the decisions on the selection of the civil servants and state

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Press release: Large number of complaints due to the deployment of staff in state administration

Permanent deployment of civil servants and state employees causes the dissatisfaction of staff in the state administration who often complaint about the demotion, according to the preliminary findings of the Institute Alternative (IA). During 2014, total of 126 complaints have been filed against the order of demotion of civil servants and state employees, 89 of which were adopted, according to

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Authorities Not Reacting to Recruitment Abuses

Administrative inspection has not adequately responded to our initiative and failed to examine the extent to which the job mediation is used to circumvent the mandatory rules of staffing in the public administration. Following the findings of the regular monitoring of recruitment and promotion in state authorities, which IA has been conducting two years in a row, we have submitted

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Service contracts in public administration as a mechanism of abuse

Preliminary findings of Institute Alternative (IA) suggest the possibility of abuse of service contracts from the side of the state authorities with an aim of circumventing recruitment procedures defined by the Law on Civil Servants and State Employees – Milena Milošević, public policy researcher at Institute Alternative, has said at the conference held in Sarajevo. Conference on free access to

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For State Administration – Equal for All

After pinpointing the main challenges of introduction of the merit-based system in Montenegrin state administration, Institute Alternative will continue to monitor the implementation of the Law on Civil Servants and State Employees. With the financial support of the U. S. Embassy in Podgorica, IA will implement the project “State Administration in Montenegro – Equal for All” over the next twelve

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The 2013 Monitoring Report on Recruitment and Promotion in State Administration

In 2013, at least 476 persons were recruited for job positions in state administration bodies, in line with the new Law on Civil Servants and State Employees and procedures which entail obligation of oral and written testing. More than half of these vacancies were filled by internal announcements. In most of the cases, ranking lists for selection of the job

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State Administration Reform in Montenegro: Between ambitious plans and real possibilities

State administration reform has been ongoing for more than a decade in Montenegro. During this period, two strategies were adopted, legal and institutional frameworks for management of the reform have been changed, as well as the mere structure of the state apparatus. However, there has not been much progress. State administration is still, according to the remarks of European Commission,

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